PM encouraged by report of drop in rate of homicides and serious crimes

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PM encouraged by report of drop in rate of homicides and serious crimes

The Prime Minister is encouraged by the figures revealed by the Commissioner of Police, Erla Harewood-Christopher, which noted a zero percent increase in the murder rate and an 11 per cent drop in serious crimes for 2023 thus far.

Harewood-Christopher stated on Wednesday, “that despite the apprehension, the TTPS has been making substantial progress in its crime-fighting initiatives. As of the beginning of August we have seen some significant results and I can say from now the comparative homicide rate has reduced from an increase of 10 per cent we are now at an increase of zero of the corresponding period.”

Speaking during the Independence Day celebrations Thursday at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Rowley said: “It is good news to hear that at least on this occasion we can see some light at the end of the tunnel against the criminal element.

“If the efforts are sustained, if the new methods are utilised and if we genuinely believe we have the integrity to confront the criminal element, at the end of the day the people of Trinidad and Tobago will prevail and this period of challenge will be a period to be looked at upon and say there were times we were challenged but indeed we did succeed.”

The Prime Minister acknowledged the job of crime-fighting was becoming increasingly difficult given the types of new technology available.

Referring to the seizure of ‘ghost guns’ which were manufactured using 3-D printing technology at a house in Caparo earlier this week, Rowley said the police were challenged by criminals who were becoming increasingly resourceful.

He said while policing was not for the “faint of heart,” all arms of the protective services could expect the fullest support of the National Security Council in arresting crime.

“As chairman of the National Security Council whatever the level of criminal conduct is in Trinidad and Tobago, the one thing you can rest assured is the government will make available to the police service all reasonable resources and we expect you will use these tools in the fight against criminals,” he assured. “I want you (police) to have the assurance that as you go out there, you’re not alone, you are in fact supported by the vast majority of the people of TT.”

Rowley said it was an unfortunate reality that some people benefitted from criminal activities.
He said that while failure was an inevitable part of humanity, the officers should not be daunted by the challenges ahead and reaffirmed his support to law enforcement while calling on the public to do the same.