Pharmacy workers taken and robbed of vehicle

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Pharmacy workers taken and robbed of vehicle

Two pharmacy employees were abducted and robbed of a vehicle on Thursday.

The victims were identified as Aneil Hosein of Freeport and Kevin Koon Koon of Charlieville.

Reports state that at around 2:30pm, both men reportedly went to the Mid Center Mall carpark in Chaguanas, to meet a man who was interested in purchasing a White BMW.

They informed other coworkers that they were not doing a test drive and it was just to view the car, however, both men failed to return and calls to their phones went unanswered.

Both men were reportedly abducted and dash cam footage captured the stolen vehicle driving recklessly along the highway heading south side.

A short while later, both men were located in the Penal area, however, the vehicle is still missing.