Peruvian Eats From Trash to Survive After Losing His Job Due to COVID-19 Lockdown

Peruvian Eats From Trash to Survive After Losing His Job Due to COVID-19 Lockdown

Daniel Cortez, a 24-year-old Peruvian engineer, traveled to Australia to earn money and continue studying; however, the economic crisis due to the coronavirus left him on the street.

The engineer had been in Parramatta in Sydney, Australia for three months. She had come to that country to work as forklifts, save money and be able to continue studying, but her dreams were frustrated when she COVID-19 came to that country.

The virus and the number of infections in Australia forced the authorities to declare state of emergency and shutting down local businesses, so Cortez lost his job and was forced to live inside his car where he would not have good experiences.

“A drunk man started knocking on the vehicle window in the dark of night and asked if he could sleep there with him,” the Australian ABC News portal read.

Also, in view of having no income, Cortez mentioned that he had to eat from the garbage to counteract the hunger he felt.

“I found a package of potato chips and ate it. When you’re in that situation, you start thinking about how you would rather die, and I decided that I would rather eat something and expose my life to the virus than starve. That was the peak of my despair and that was when I realized that I needed to find help, “he said.

Despite all the vicissitudes that the Peruvian had to face, he did not give up and managed to find the support of an NGO called Addison Road, who decided to help him by providing him with lodging and food until the situation in the country improves.

Finally, Daniel is grateful to all the people who gave him support at the time and hopes that the Peruvian state will assist him to return to the country.

“Those strangers who gave me a fruit. It was a feeling that I had never felt in my life, they just gave me another day to live to be honest, ”he stressed.