PEP sets up interim leadership team following Alexander’s resignation

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PEP sets up interim leadership team following Alexander’s resignation

The Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) has installed what it has described as “a dynamic and forward-looking leadership team” following the resignation of its political leader Phillip Alexander.

Alexander announced his sudden resignation from the party and his exit from active politics via a Facebook post on Saturday.

He wrote: “The truth is I have run out of good reasons to keep at it, especially as most of those whose opinions I cherish and whose guidance I have relied on are no longer with us…Suffice it to say I sincerely believe I’ve done all I can. It’s time for new chapters,” he said.

In a statement yesterday, the party said, “Effective immediately, PEP will be led by deputy political leaders Marissa Persad, Akil Camps, and Limma McLeod Wilkinson, with oversight by chairman Felicia Holder. This team will maintain control until a new political leader is elected.”

The PEP has encouraged all current financial members to consider this as an opportunity to become the new face of the party.

It said nominations for the upcoming elections were set to commence on February 19, 2024, and conclude on March 18, 2024.
It said the election will take place one month after the nomination closes.

“This window presents a crucial moment for PEP as it adapts to the evolving needs and aspirations of the people it aims to serve,” it said.

The PEP explained that a person was eligible to nominate themselves for the post of PEP political leader if they,
1) have been a PEP member in good financial standing for at least one year and
2) resides in T&T (and have been doing so for at least three consecutive months prior to the date of the election).

The party said it looks forward to engaging with its members, supporters, and the wider public during this transformative period.

“The party remains committed to openness, inclusiveness, and constructive dialogue as it charts a new course for the benefit of all of T&T,” it said.