PEP contesting all 141 seats in LGE; joining forces with Re-United Farmers

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PEP contesting all 141 seats in LGE; joining forces with Re-United Farmers

Instead of joining forces with the old guards, Phillip Alexander’s People’s Empowerment Party (PEP) has announced plans to form alliances with various support and action groups across Trinidad and Tobago.

The PEP has also signaled its intention to contest all 141 seats in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

Alexander, speaking during a press conference at the MovieTowne Banquet Hall at Invaders Bay yesterday, said that PEP would be engaging with other interest groups to create a strong coalition for the elections.

One of the alliances being formed is with the Re-United Farmers’ Alliance, a group that has been active for over four years and focuses on supporting food crop farmers and employees of Caroni 1975 Limited.

The Re-United Farmers Alliance recently registered as a political party and is prepared to join forces with the PEP in the fight for the August 14th Local Government election.

Alexander said the two parties will share seats at various corporations and each party will place their symbols for their contesting areas.

He said, “The voters want representation, and they shouldn’t be stuck playing eeny, meeny, miny, moe. They should be given a chance because if they vote the way they’ve been voting before, they’re still not gonna get representation. It’s best they take a chance right now, and that’s what we’re gonna be selling, the idea that this is so different.”

Re-United Farmers Alliance political leader Devika Thomas expressed support for the alliance.

“Over 300 people who want change have joined us and accepted to be part of this alliance with the PEP. They want a better Trinidad and Tobago, a place where everyone can feel safe again and where democracy is not threatened on a daily basis,” Thomas said.

The screening process for potential candidates will continue on Saturday.