Parisot-Potter resigns from Massy in the aftermath of “scandalous” revelations

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Parisot-Potter resigns from Massy in the aftermath of “scandalous” revelations

Angélique Parisot-Potter, the Massy executive who raised concerns and eyebrows about the company’s executive leadership programme, has resigned.

Her resignation comes days after she was reportedly sent on leave for the comments she made at a company meeting, which later went viral.

In a GML report, Parisot-Potter revealed that her resignation was with immediate effect.

Her resignation also means her exit from the company will not be a negotiated one.

She told the media house that her decision to walk away stemmed from claims being made about her motives and that she was waiting on a settlement from Massy.

On December 18 at the company’s annual general meeting, Parisot-Potter took to the floor during the question and answer period and voiced concerns about the conglomerate’s executive leadership consultant—the Florida-based Delphi Sphere Consulting. She told the company’s board directors, chaired by Robert Riley, that she had written a 13-page letter to the company’s president and CEO Gervase Warner but had received no communication on the matter.

Parisot-Potter alleged Delphi engages in bizarre rituals for executives at their leadership programme and the couple leading it appear to exert disproportionate influence over Massy’s executive team. She said the programme was a drain of scarce foreign exchange.

In the aftermath, Massy released a statement saying it was appalled by her conduct and had initiated a disciplinary process against her. However, while dismissing her claims as “untrue” and “scandalous,” Massy said it initiated an independent process to look into her claims.