Paray suspects some money allocated for Caricom event being used for LGE

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Paray suspects some money allocated for Caricom event being used for LGE

The MP for Mayaro, Rushton Paray, is urging the Minister of Finance Colm Imbert to provide the public with accurate information regarding the allocation of $11 million, which was designated by Parliament for hosting the recent Caricom Conference.

In a statement this morning, Paray said there are concerns that these funds are being utilized to gain support for the upcoming Local Government election.

On Tuesday, Mr. Imbert stated that the conference cost $9 million, which Paray said contradicts the approved amount for organizing the event.

He said, “The Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs was granted $20 million specifically for covering the expenses of the conference. This allocation was part of the $3.8 billion approved for the Government in the mid-year Supplementary Budget.”

“In a document presented to Parliament in May, the Government explicitly stated that $20 million would be used to cover the expenses of the Caricom Community heads’ conference.”

Paray said, “It is essential for Mr. Imbert to clarify whether the Opposition and the rest of the nation were provided with misleading information regarding the allocated funding.
“Additionally, he should disclose how the $11 million was utilized and whether it was reallocated for the purpose of acquiring electoral votes, as has been observed in previous instances associated with the PNM party.”

The MP added that this matter potentially involves the misuse of public funds, which is considered a serious offense.
Paray said these concerns highlight the issue of taxpayers’ money being diverted from its intended purpose, raising doubts about the responsible handling of funds by the PNM administration.