Padarath describes Kangaloo as “the emperor without clothes”

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Padarath describes Kangaloo as “the emperor without clothes”

Princes Town MP Barry Padarath has described newly inaugurated President, Christine Kangaloo as “the emperor without clothes,” who is oblivious to a society where people see her as a puppet of the Government.

Following her ceremony and speech on Monday, Padarath claims President Kangaloo appears to be disconnected with what is the reality in TT today.

He said: “Kangaloo lacked finesse and the ability to inspire by anything she said or did today. It was a missed opportunity to offer a beleaguered population any hope, or to restore faith in independent institutions.”

He said only PNM supporters, members and apologists would welcome her speech.

Apart from these people, Padarath said, “It was just another murder-riddled day on Monday, where citizens continue to ‘ketch their royal, while Government and cohorts sipped champagne.”

Padarath said he did not see Kangaloo, as President, having any impact “on the price of flour today, tomorrow or in the future.”

“The failure of her inaugural address to tackle major national issues, that the presidency can be used to reflect the pulse and conscience of the national community, is an indication that things will be ‘same ole, same ole,’ at the Office of the President.”