Police standoff with gunman interupted by naked woman

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Police standoff with gunman interupted by naked woman

Police in Florida had plenty on their hands Sunday morning while they tried to diffuse a standoff with an armed teenager on a rooftop.

According to officers, their attempt to end the 6-hour long standoff with the armed teen was interrupted by a drunk woman who drove a golf cart into the crime scene…while dressed only in her birthday suit.

Officers had set up a perimeter outside a house in Florida after 18-year-old Myles Abbott fled deputies, climbed onto the roof of the house and pointed a gun at them.

That started a standoff that would last around six hours.

According to reports, during the standoff, 28-year-old Jessica Elisabeth Smith of Boston, Massachusetts, drove a golf cart past several marked police cars that were at the scene and then ignored their commands to leave as she approached the house where the armed teenager was on the roof.

Police say her “actions and inability to follow directions put multiple officers at risk for potentially getting shot at.”

Officers eventually managed to get Smith out of the golf cart and handcuffed her but noted what they dscribed as “a distinct odour of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person”.

Smith now faces a charge for resisting an officer.