Over 700 persons in contact with Covid patients

Over 700 persons in contact with Covid patients

Although there have been no increase in positive Covid-19 cases, over 700 people have been identified as contacts of COVID-19 patients.

Technical Director in the Epidemiology Division at the Ministry of Health Dr Avery Hinds said based on the data provided, all contacts do not live geographically close to the index case.

“We have basically located and identified about 715 contacts in total and those persons have been contacted. They have been spoken to. They have been followed up. Their symptoms are being monitored,” Dr. Hinds said.

He said that the country has recorded fewer than ten cases per day, with the exception of the cruise ship cohort.

“We really have had a few cases, fewer than ten on any given day. This is in line with what we call sporadic nature of our epidemic. We have had sporadic importations of cases. We have done agressive contact tracing and quarantining and in collaboration with the public, the social distancing has managed to slow potential spread of illness. We still have a pattern that demonstrates sporadic cases.”