Over 20,000 vaccines administered through TTMA

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Over 20,000 vaccines administered through TTMA

Twenty-two thousand (22,000) vaccines have been administered via the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA) through its seven mass vaccination sites.

President of the TTMA, Tricia Coosal, in a GML interview, thanked the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Trade and Industry for the confidence placed in the TTMA “to give us the first opportunity in June to be the first private organisation under public-private partnership to execute large vaccination sites.”

Coosal also stated, “As the role model for other organisations in ‘Vaccinate to Operate’ TTMA continues to lead the way for the execution of other organisations’ vaccination sites. The vaccination site template developed and executed by the TTMA served as a springboard for other organisations’ executions and TTMA stands ready to share with other organisations the learnings gleaned from our 7 vaccination sites execution of both 1st and 2nd doses.”

On Sunday, the TTMA administered 5,200 2nd doses of Sinopharm at the Divali Nagar Site, thus bringing their total vaccines administered (both 1st and 2nd doses) to a total of 22,000 approximately.

Coosal said, “This achievement of administration of over 20,000 vaccines would not have been possible without our partners, the T&T Medical Association, SEWA TT International and the National Council for Indian Culture.