Off-Duty officer finds shotgun and ammo in Brazil

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Off-Duty officer finds shotgun and ammo in Brazil

An off-duty police officer found and seized one home-made shotgun with two rounds of 12-gauge ammunition in the Arima district on Thursday 17th December, 2020.

Around 5.15pm yesterday, WPC Fraser, of the Arima Municipal Police reported off duty and left the station. While proceeding east along the Brazil Talparo Arena Road in her vehicle, the officer, who was still dressed in police uniform, observed a man holding a black plastic bag in his hands. The man looked in the direction of the officer and quickly looked away. The man’s action caused the officer to become suspicious. She stopped and alighted from her vehicle to investigate. As the officer approached the man, he threw the black plastic bag in some nearby bushes and quickly ran away. WPC Fraser proceeded to check the bag, which she found in some nearby bushes. The bag contained the firearm and ammunition, which were seized.

Investigations are continuing.