NP Assures Public Of Consistent Fuel Supplies To Rural Communities

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NP Assures Public Of Consistent Fuel Supplies To Rural Communities

The Trinidad and Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited is assuring residents in rural communities fuel distribution has resumed to key areas, in spite of the weather-related damage to roads and infrastructure.

Within recent days, NP’s ability to deliver fuel to Service Stations in rural communities was challenged by localised flooding caused by heavy rainfall, which culminated in undermining roads and damaging infrastructure.

In light of this transportation vulnerability, NP’s assessment of the potential safety hazards and risks would have dictated deliveries be temporarily halted to safeguard the lives of our drivers and contractors and to avert the occurrence of any incident that could potentially pose risks to human life or the environment.

Although NP’s distribution network remains robust, reliable transportation infrastructure is paramount to NP’s meeting its mandate.

Nevertheless, in spite of the extraordinary weather events which rendered the roadways impassable and disrupted critical services, less than 5% of NP’s network was impacted, with Toco being the only area where confirmation of accessibility for tankers carrying liquid fuels, is still outstanding.

Service Stations originally impacted have since received a supply of fuel and an update would be provided subsequently.

Furthermore, NP conducted an assessment in collaboration with the Programme for Upgrading Road Efficiency unit of the Ministry of Works and Transport and it was determined full accessibility has been restored to the roadway at Chatham for NP vehicles to traverse and deliver fuel.

In its proactive response to the recent weather events, on 2022 November 21 st NP first started exploring alternative routes where possible, which was confirmed yesterday.