No Spike In Murders According To the TTPS

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No Spike In Murders According To the TTPS

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is making it categorically clear the recent, isolated reports of murders in certain communities do not represent “a surge in murders,” as being reported.

The murder toll for 2019, was four hundred and thirty-nine , it was reduced in 2020, to three hundred and forty and
it currently stands at the same figure three hundred and forty for 2021.

For 2021, investigations conducted by the Homicide Bureau of Investigations  has resulted in seventy-two suspects being arrested and charged with murders.

In addition, one hundred and seventy-five persons were charged with shooting and wounding offences.

Also nine hundred and twelve persons were charged for possession of firearms and ammunition.

The Northern Division, which is the largest division within the TTPS, has recorded the highest number of murders, which currently stands at ninety-seven.

However, an analysis conducted by the Crime and Problem Analysis Branch , suggests that most of the murders are as a result of gang and other criminal activities, domestic and land disputes.

Having discovered the root cause of these murders, the TTPS has developed and implemented several strategies to assist in mitigating and solving these murders.

In this regard, the latest revitalisation of the partnership with CRIME STOPPERS Trinidad and Tobago to seize one thousand more firearms from the nation’s streets have borne fruit and proven to be successful.

This initiative has seen the seizure of over 82 illegal firearms since the period
September 1st, – October 27th, 2021.

Additionally, the Gender-Based Violence Unit continues to provide mediation and redress to tackle reports of domestic violence, which contributed to the escalation of these figures.

The TTPS also continues to infiltrate communities, through its Community Oriented Policing initiative and its Police Youth Clubs, to reduce the likelihood of young people being wrongly influenced.

On the operational level, several specialised sections of the TTPS are now heavily involved in communities identified to be challenged with criminal and gang activities, as the police and communities work together to arrest those bent on distressing law-abiding citizens.

Citizens are reminded that they can assist the Police through providing information anonymously through the TTPS’ App and the anti-crime hotline 555.