Gary Griffith accuses TTPS of deceiving the nation over crime data

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Gary Griffith accuses TTPS of deceiving the nation over crime data

Former Commissioner Gary Griffith has accused the current TTPS executive of trying to pad the data and deceive the nation.

This after the TTPS denied that there is a surge in murders in the country.

Instead, the TTPS yesterday described the recent murders as “isolated” incidents in certain communities.

It noted that the 2021 murder toll is now equal to that of last year, with 340 murders and counting, despite the implementation of a state of emergency and curfew.

It added that an analysis conducted by the Crime and Problem Analysis Branch, suggests that most of the murders are as a result of gang and other criminal activities, domestic and land disputes.

However, in response, former Commisioner Griffith noted that the crime statistics omitted to mention that the numbers in the first 6 months showed 50 murders less.

He claimed that all the gains he had made was now lost and the murder rate is now level with last year’s because the country saw 50 more murders in just 10 weeks.

He calculated that this was akin to almost an extra murder every day.

Griffith suggested that the media ask for a comparison of murders from 16 August to OCT 27th this year compared to same period last year claiming that there was a more than 80 percent year on year increase in that time during which he was no longer COP.

Griffith concluded that to say there has been no spike is an attempt to deceive the nation.