Nicki Minaj claims she’s being “silenced” on social media

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Nicki Minaj claims she’s being “silenced” on social media

Nicki Minaj has voiced her frustration about being monitored on social media, claiming there’s a double standard when it comes to enforcing censorship.

On Thursday (January 25), the New York MC took to Twitter and shared a screenshot of what appears to be a final warning from TikTok before her account is seized for violating community guidelines.

She captioned it: “They are allowed to bully you, harass you, swat your home with a toddler multiple times & not be held accountable, 5 companies paying to slander you, never defending yourself against lies for years & years but the minute you do, you are immediately SILENCED.

“yet, the ones spreading lies on you are not. Their pages are never deleted. You don’t have to have genius tendencies to know why the rules are different.”

The 41-year-old then proceeded to list a few of her many accolades, from topping charts to breaking streaming records to RIAA certifications.

Check out the post below:

The Pink Friday 2 hitmaker shared the above post just hours after an online spat that seems to have resulted in her profile being flagged.

The ordeal traces back to a blind item made via gossip site CrazyDaysAndNights that read: “Speaking of horrible people, this foreign-born former A+ list rapper definitely needs rehab before she tries to do a tour. It will be awful.”

A TikToker who goes by CelebriTEA Blinds subsequently reported that the “blind item reveal” was Minaj, who caught wind of the clip and sent a DM to the account that read: “Once ugly disease allegedly is being paid to get uglier.”

The rapper then commented on the video that ticked her off and wrote: “Allegedly they are sucking someone’s dick & being paid to try and tear down a tour. SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT. Allegedly you have a disease?”

Most social media users were puzzled by this, with some suspecting it was more evidence of her needing help while others saw it as a diss aimed at the profile she was commenting on.

Just hours before Nicki received the aforementioned warning, CelebriTEA Blinds shared another video revealing that the superstar was indeed taking shots at her.

“There were so many comments from Nicki Minaj on my most recent post which confirms that she was calling me an ugly disease in her DMs,” she said, referencing the barrage of hostile replies she received under her post that presumably led to the “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” rapper’s Twitter post.