New pedestrian crossings unveiled near POS City Gate

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New pedestrian crossings unveiled near POS City Gate

The Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) has updated and improved the delineation of pedestrian crossings near the City Gate in Port of Spain.

The Ministry posted images on its Facebook page this morning, showing the new diagonal crossings, organised by its Traffic Management Branch.

It said: “With the new road markings, pedestrians can now cross diagonally, reducing the number of directions you have to navigate when crossing to get to your final destination.”

The Ministry assures:

“For thousands of pedestrians who use the City Gate facilities to enter or exit the capital city, you are now able to cross at every direction.”

According to the Ministry, this pedestrian crossing update is part a larger project being undertaken by the Traffic Management Branch towards “improving facilities for pedestrians, especially in urbanized areas of Trinidad.”