Nakhid: “Independent Senators should resign”

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Nakhid: “Independent Senators should resign”

UNC Senator, David Nakhid, says he agrees that the current Independent Senators should at least offer their resignation following the inauguration of newly installed President Christine Kangaloo.

Attorney at law, Martin George said yesterday that the current Independent Senators should do the honourable thing and resign following the change.

Speaking with the Newsday, George claimed that under the Westminster model of governance adopted by T&T, the norm is that independent senators appointed by the former President should leave it up to the new President to determine whether she wants to re-appoint them or appoint her own people.

Despite there being no rule making it mandatory for them to resign when a new President assumes office, Mr George called on the current Independent Senators to “follow that time-honoured tradition and tender their resignations in an act of nobility so as to allow the new President to make her own choices.”

Senator Nakhid told News Power Now that he agrees with this concept.

Under the same Westminster system, it is also the norm for party leaders to offer their resignation after their party is defeated at the polls.

News Power Now pointed out to Senator Nakhid that Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar did not abide by the norm following any of her three election defeats.

Nakhid argued however that the situations are incomparable as Persad-Bissessar is an elected official supported by her base and her party while the Independent Senators simply serve at the pleasure of the President.