Nakhid: General lack of respect in students, PNM fault

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Nakhid: General lack of respect in students, PNM fault

Children who are not protected from the effects of gang warfare will grow up to disrespect authority.

This is the assertion of UNC Senator David Nakhid.

He used the children at both the Rose Hill Primary School and Tranquility Government Secondary School as an example.

Speaking at the UNC’s Virtual Media Report on Monday, Senator Nakhid said the young children at Rose Hill no doubt would have suffered trauma when they were forced to remain on the floor with their faces pressed against the ground while listening to gunshots.

He said incidents like these lead to children entering Secondary Schools with violent tendencies and gross disrespect for adults.

He said they adopt attitudes similar to that of the students at Tranquility Government Secondary School who were recently involved in a brawl at the school.

In a video posted to social media yesterday, a crowd of over 20 students, reportedly from the Tranquility Government Secondary School, is seen tussling with a couple students in an all-out brawl.

Three staff members, among them principal Ann Margaret Robinson, attempted to intervene but the students who were the main instigators did not immediately stop.

Robinson, the daughter of former President and Prime Minister Arthur NR Robinson, was thrown on the ground while trying to restore order and was seen getting help from her colleagues before the video clip abruptly ended.

The incident reportedly took place last Friday around 9.30a.m.

Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly confirmed yesterday that the students directly involved in the fracas had been suspended and will receive attention from the Student Support Services Division (SSSD).

However, depending on the disciplinary history of the students involved, the Minister said their parents will receive expulsion warning letters on their return to school or they may face expulsion at this time.

Senator Nakhid said the blame for the general lack of respect in students lies squarely on the shoulders of the People’s National Movement.