Barrackpore man charged with repeatedly raping woman

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Barrackpore man charged with repeatedly raping woman

A 28-year-old Barrackpore man is expected to appear virtually before a Princes Town Magistrate on Monday charged with a series of offences in connection with two separate reports of rape of a woman.

The accused was arrested on Tuesday following a five-day enquiry into a June and October incident in which a woman alleged that a man, whom she knows, allegedly assaulted her and had sexual intercourse with her against her will.

On October 25th, a woman reported to police that at 9.30 pm on June 22nd, 2021, she was at home when she heard someone calling out to her.

The woman told detectives that she opened her front door and saw a man who asked to spend the night. The woman refused. While returning to her house, the man allegedly followed her and placed an object to her head, covered her mouth and took her inside where he had sexual intercourse with her against her will. The suspect, police were told, threatened to kill her if she tried calling for help. The man also demanded money and jewellery from the woman and ransacked her home, however, nothing was taken.

On October 24th, the woman told police that a similar incident occurred.
Following investigations, the suspect was subsequently arrested and later charged with one count of rape and assault with intent to rob for the June 22nd incident and one count of rape, grievous sexual assault, buggery and intent to rob for the October 24th incident.

The charges were laid by Cpl Neil Nanan of the Barrackpore Police Station Criminal Investigations Department.
The woman is currently receiving support from the Sexual Offences Department and counselling from the Victim and Witness Support Unit.