MTS security officers demand wage increase

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MTS security officers demand wage increase

MTS security officers are calling on the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance for assistance as they seek an increase in wages and an improvement in their working conditions.

A large number of officers staged a protest outside of MTS’ headquarters in Aranguez, San Juan, on Friday.

Along with an increase in pay, they workers also noted several other issues, including poor working conditions and a lack of uniforms.

The group, led by Estate Police Association president Deryck Richardson, called on the PM and the finance minister to intervene so their issues could be addressed immediately.

Richardson said, “It is disrespectful when MTS is a State company and would be offering two per cent increase for one period, when everybody else getting four per cent for two each in two different periods. But MTS, they came and offer two per cent for one period, which is 2013 to 2015.”

In a GML interview, MTS corporate communications manager Adrian Raymond said the company facilitated an impromptu meeting request from the Estate Police Association following the protest.

“The MTS leadership team met with Deryck Richardson—president, EPA Robert Ottley—general secretary, EPA along with other members of the EPA executive and branch board. The company listened to all their concerns while also outlining the company’s position on the various issues.

“As part of the salary negotiation process, there is the exchange of proposals and counter proposals. As a State enterprise, all counter proposals submitted by the EPA must be carefully assessed and costed by the company before submission to the line ministry for review before onward transmission to the Chief Personal Officer (CPO) for approval.

“The company must follow from the CPO regarding any guidelines and is awaiting word from that office,” Raymond said.