“Mr. Big”- Entertainment Kingpin linked to criminal syndicate in T&T

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“Mr. Big”- Entertainment Kingpin linked to criminal syndicate in T&T

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley stated in early February at a news conference at Whitehall in Port of Spain that Trinidad and Tobago is attracting international criminal elements. The PM said: “We are now attracting elements of international organised crime which is very concerning to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Dr. Rowley visited the US last month and had meetings with senior law enforcement officers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Following this revelation an Express expose highlights a local criminal operation led by an unnamed high profile entertainer from Trinidad with strong connections to gang leaders, athletes and other intermediaries is now on the radar of US law enforcement officials.

A full report on the entertainer and his criminal linkages was generated by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) as far back as April 2023 following “several months of surveillance and intelligence gathering”, and a copy of this report has since been handed over to US law enforcement officials.

The report states that: “This local criminal network is responsible for a major gun-smuggling operation from the US to here and drug trafficking operations with key regional and international players. The influence they wield here with the help of influential gang leaders who are complicit with murder and mayhem makes it even more concerning.” The criminal syndicate is networked and assisted by a particular gang in Trinidad and Tobago and had already spread its reach to Antigua, St Kitts, St Vincent, and the British Virgin Islands.

The entertainer has been described a high-level operator within several criminal gang networks in Trinidad and Tobago, is a monetarily motivated opportunistic who strives to establish himself as a legit businessman as an artiste, singer, and songwriter. The entertainment kingpin also allegedly has links to all police divisions within Trinidad and Tobago. The report also identified him with several killings and shootings in the past.”