More cancelled flights listed on Caribbean airlines website

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More cancelled flights listed on Caribbean airlines website

Caribbean airlines has posted an updated list of cancelled flights for Sunday 20th August 2023 as at 2:30pm. The airline is advising its customers to not go to the airport if their flight has been listed as cancelled. Flights between T&T and Guyana, Barbados, St Lucia,  Fort Lauderdale , New York, Orlando, Miami and  Toronto have been listed as cancelled.

Staff shortages, including a shortage of pilots and ground staff  caused major disruptions in Caribbean Airlines operations over the weekend. Scores of passengers turned up at the Piarco international airport , only to be told that their flights were cancelled, without any prior warning. CAL’s only official reason given to passengers was that they were due to “resource constraints”.

All passengers were being told that their flights had been cancelled and they should return home and would be contacted. Flights were cancelled to New York, Miami and Toronto. Flights to Tobago Barbados and St Lucia have also been previously cancelled.

CAL staff, including pilots, took industrial action overnight after negotiations broken down, passengers were told. In a statement, CAL said there were disruptions to its operations due to “resource constraints”. “The airline is experiencing delays and cancellations to many of its international and domestic services. Affected customers are being advised they will be re-accommodated on the first available services”.

CAL did not explain to its customers what has caused the resource constraints and ensuing chaos.

Meanwhile The Trinidad and Tobago Airline Pilots Association (TTALPA) says it is “unaware of any strike action being taken by the pilot body. ” In the release “TTALPA and its members therefore refute the allegations of the news article and ensure the public that its members continue to fly with their safety and best interests at heart.”  TTALPA said  its association and members are prohibited by law from taking industrial action as their members are deemed “essential workers.