Moonilal: Gov’t should instruct CAL management to negotiate in good faith with workers

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Moonilal: Gov’t should instruct CAL management to negotiate in good faith with workers

Oropouche East MP, Roodal Moonilal is calling on the government to do what is necessary and instruct the management of Caribbean Airlines to negotiate in good faith with its employees.
He also slammed Energy Minister, Stuart Young, for comments made against pilots for the airlines.

Following the flight chaos that ensued after pilots called in sick on Sunday, Minister Young stated that there was a “complete shutdown of our national airline by a handful – a literal handful – of individuals who thought that was the way to treat not only the citizens of TT, but…a wide wide customer net of international travellers as well…”

Young also said during recent campaigning ahead of the August 14 local government elections, he saw first-hand that “there are others who are in greater need of the state resources and the help and the assistance than some of those who are already living a life of entitlement.”

Moonilal, however, has described Young’s words as “reckless and absurd.

He said for Young to call the pilots “entitled, while an eight-year-old collective agreement is still outstanding is highly irresponsible…

“Since Young is a senior minster, his unfortunate remarks reveal the government’s warped thinking and the pressure being put on CAL’s employees and management.”

Moonilal noted that CAL employees have been living on 2015 salaries while the cost of living continues to increase.

“In addition, pilots and other airline workers are enduring poor working conditions, including being made to operate in intense heat or with equipment failure. They are often subjected to disrespect from certain CAL executives, including a senior human resources official.”

“The situation became more troubling with the decision to seek an ex-parte injunction against TALPA (TT Airlines Pilots Association) even though the bargaining body stressed that there was no worker strike,” he added.

Moonilal said the Opposition is now calling on the government to instruct CAL’s executive management to negotiate “in good faith…With a view to bringing a speedy settlement to the long-outstanding collective agreement.

“The management must also meet and treat on all the workplace issues, since security and safety are at stake.”