MoH assures that systems in place to manage Mpox

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MoH assures that systems in place to manage Mpox

On the heels of Trinidad and Tobago recording its third Monkeypox (Mpox) case, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has taken the opportunity to remind the population of the system implemented to manage the outbreak.

The first case in this current global outbreak was identified in May 2022 and peaked in August 2022.

During this period, the MoH ensured that all protocols for testing, contact tracing and isolation were implemented, inclusive of sensitisation of medical professionals.

The Caura Hospital was also designated as the facility to care for any patient that may require hospitilisation if necessary.

It should be noted that all three cases of the Mpox virus are in home isolate and do not require hospital care at this time.

Additionally, 2,800 doses of the vaccine were procured to be administered to non-symptomatic close contact and health care professionals in any facility where a patient would be warded. To date, no vaccines have been administered.

With three cases to date, Trinidad and Tobago is now the 113th country to record active cases, with most cases occurring in the Region of the Americas and Europe.

The MoH reiterates that Mpox is a self-limiting disease in most instances and it is commonly spread by close contact with a positive case.

The Ministry of Health through its health surveillance network will continue to monitor the current cases of Mpox locally, regionally and internationally. Furthermore, the Ministry will continue to update the public with all relevant information whilst adhering to the principles of patient confidentiality.