Met Office extends Hazardous Seas Alert to Monday

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Met Office extends Hazardous Seas Alert to Monday

The Hazardous Seas Alert/YELLOW Level that was in effect for the last couple of days has been extended further to Monday 6 March 2023, according to a new advisory from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS)

The Alert covers near-shore areas of Tobago, as well as Northern, Eastern and Western coastal areas of Trinidad, including sheltered areas on Trinidad’s Western coast.

The Met Service renewed the Alert just before midday today.

Northerly long period swells have been observed affecting the coastal areas of Tobago as well as the Northern, Eastern and some parts of the Western coastal areas of Trinidad,” the latest advisory explains. “These conditions are expected to persist over the next few days until Monday 6th.”

The TTMS warns: “These swells can result in battering waves at coastal regions and can be exacerbated during spring and high tides.”

The Met Service is urging all marine interests to carefully monitor near-shore/coastal sea conditions and exercise caution along affected areas.

The public is being advised to avoid marine activities, and to continue monitoring updates from the following official sites: TTMS at, ODPM at