Megan Thee Stallion settles legal dispute with former label

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Megan Thee Stallion settles legal dispute with former label

Megan Thee Stallion has reportedly reached a settlement to end a long-running legal battle with her former record label.

The rapper first filed a lawsuit against 1501 Certified Entertainment in 2020, claiming they were stopping her from releasing music.

But the pair will now “amicably part ways”, Billboard has reported.

Megan and 1501 “mutually reached a confidential settlement to resolve their legal differences”.

No specific details have been given over the agreement.

In a statement, label boss Carl Crawford said that he and his company “wish Megan the very best in her life and career”.

In 2020, the 28-year-old said on an Instagram Live that she “didn’t really know what was in [her] contract” when she first signed it.

“I was young. I think I was like 20, and I ain’t know everything that was in my contract,” she said.

She filed another lawsuit against 1501 in 2021, over a row about what constitutes an album.

That dispute was about her 2021 release, Something For Thee Hotties, which was classed as a mixtape. 1501 then countersued claiming Megan has “repeatedly breached her contracts”.

Last week, Megan hinted that she was an independent artist, saying she didn’t “want to sign to a new label right now because I just want to do it myself”.

“I have no label right now and we’re doing everything funded straight out of Megan Thee Stallion’s pocket so the budget is coming from me,” she said on Instagram Live.

“I’m so excited to be doing something for the first time independent since it was just me and my momma.

“It’s really just me until we sign to a new label.”