Mayaro MP sad about fishermen disappearance

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Mayaro MP sad about fishermen disappearance

The Member of Parliament for Mayaro, Mr. Rushton Paray expressed his deep sadness at the news of the disappearance of four fishermen from Grand Lagoon Village in Mayaro.

The MP has been in communication with the Mayaro Police, the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, and the Hunters Search and Rescue Team. An extensive search operation is active at this time. He is calling on all private fishing vessels in the area to assist in the search by contacting Mr. Vallance Rambarat of the Hunters Search and Rescue.

MP Paray said he will continue to offer his prayers for the safe return of the four fishermen. The MP is confident that the combined efforts of the relevant authorities and the fishing community will result in a positive outcome.

The MP is committed to doing everything in his power to support the families of the missing fishermen and to ensure that the search operation continues until all possible avenues have been explored.