Man killed outside Diamond Vale Shopping Centre

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Man killed outside Diamond Vale Shopping Centre

A 36-year-old man was shot and killed outside the Diamond Vale Shopping Centre in Diamond Vale, Diego Martin last night.

Police said Jabari Williams was driving his Nissan Cefiro with a woman on Tiara Boulevard, Diamond Vale, around 10.30 pm when they noticed a vehicle with bright lights driving close behind them.

Williams drove onto Topaz Terrace and then onto Garnet Road when he saw a grey Jeep near the traffic lights with two gunmen in camouflage clothing getting out.

The gunmen shot Williams’ car several times as he turned into the exit of the Diamond Vale Shopping Centre.

Williams then reportedly ran out of the car but was shot by his attackers.

One of the gunmen shot at the woman who was still in the car but missed.

When the shooting ended the woman got out of the car and found Williams bleeding from gunshot wounds to his head.

He died at the scene.