Locust Infestation Affecting Princes Town

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Locust Infestation Affecting Princes Town

Locust infestation is affecting the constituency of Princes Town.

Confirmation of this comes from Member of Parliament for Princes Town, Barry Padarath.

MP Padarath is also raising concern with the response to the development by the relevant authorities.

Mr Padarath said the locust was affecting vegetation and crops in a predominantly agriculture based constituency for the past two weeks.

The Opposition MP has called for the immediate intervention of the Ministry of Agriculture to have the areas sprayed as well as assessed for compensation to be paid to farmers for the loss of their crops and livelihoods.

In a media release on Monday, MP Padarath said he took note of Minister of Agriculture, Clarence Rambharat’s, response to the concerns on a radio station that this was a reoccurring problem and the locust lifespan will eventually come to an end.