Lil Kim takes aim at her haters in ‘Nice Ice’ leak

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Lil Kim takes aim at her haters in ‘Nice Ice’ leak

Lil Kim has never been afraid to commit lyrical slaughter on a microphone and the Queen Bee proved she’s still got what it takes with her most recent “Nice Ice” leak.

Posting the snippet to her Instagram on Monday (June 19), rap’s original bad girl doesn’t drop names, but it’s clear that whoever she’s addressing has earned her ire.

“Why you talkin’ to me like a bitch ain’t iconic?/ They all just copy what I do, they should call a bitch ‘Simon’/ She said she can keep up, then I know for sure the bitch lyin’/ And all that designer don’t make a bitch dope, stop tryin’,” she raps, as a Vanilla Ice-like sample whispers “nice, ice, baby.”

And Lil Kim made it clear in the caption that she hears all the talking, and she’s not here for the nonsense. “Been had this in tha tuck. But since y’all wanna take shit…here you go,” she wrote.

Take a listen to it below.

While Lil Kim has received her fair share of shots from various female rappers throughout the years — and which she finally struck back against, perhaps most infamously, with the “Black Friday” diss against Nicki Minaj back in 2011 — there are more than a few up-and-comers who give the legend her well-deserved flowers.

One such youngster is Coi Leray, who recently revealed that she wants to make history by gathering as many female rappers as she can for a 2023 version of Lil Kim‘s 1997 classic, “Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix).”

In a series of tweets on Tuesday night (June 13), the New Jersey star pointed to the recent news that there has not been a rap song to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2023 – and shared her plans to change that.

“Ain’t been a number one rap song at all this year,” she wrote. “Calling all the female rappers to front. Hear me out. Ladies night. Hip-hop. Unity.”

When a fan responded that the abundance of current female rappers would call for an extended mix to include them all, Coi Leray had an idea. “Some of us can share verses. Split it up. Back and forth. Ad-libs,” she said.