Trade Unionists fear Government interefence in Industrial Court

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Trade Unionists fear Government interefence in Industrial Court

People matter!

That is the message being sent by veteran trade unionist, Michael Annisette on the heels of the sector’s call for an increase in the minimum wage.

Trade Unionists on Labour Day called for the wage to be almost doubled from seventeen dollars and fifty cents an hour to thirty dollars an hour.

Speaking on Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast show this morning, Mr Annisette accused the Government of attempting to force trade unions to accept the four percent offer which it put forward.

He says the tactics used by the Government to get unions to accept the offer is in breach of the ILO conventions and the collective bargaining agreement.

Mr Annisette also raised the issue of the independence of Industrial Court judges.

He noted that the judges depend on the Government to renew their contracts every three years.

This he says gives the GOvernmetn possible leverage over the judges and the possibility of influencing the judges.

Mr Annisette is calling instead for an independent judicial body to be appointed to select and renew the judges’ contracts.