Large quantity of marijuana seized; 3 teens arrested

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Large quantity of marijuana seized; 3 teens arrested

Three 16-year-old males were arrested Saturday after officers found a quantity of marijuana during the search of a vehicle in Erin.

Officers of the South Western Division Child Protection Unit (CPU) were conducting enquiries in the Erin district around 1:05 pm yesterday when they observed three men in the tray of a white Mazda van. Upon seeing the unmarked police vehicle, one of the occupants threw a package out of the tray.

Officers stopped the vehicle, conducted a search, and allegedly found a black plastic bag containing two bricks of compressed marijuana weighing 1.058 kilogrammes wrapped with light brown packaging tape. The three young men were subsequently detained, however, the driver abandoned the vehicle and escaped on foot.

The trio was taken to the Erin Police Station where an interview revealed they were 16-year-olds from Erin. Their parents were contacted, and the teens were then conveyed to the Oropouche Police Station for further enquiries.