Kamla: PNM has money to pay Faris’s family rent but none for the TTPS

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Kamla: PNM has money to pay Faris’s family rent but none for the TTPS

Faris Al-Rawi, Stuart Young and Keith Rowley must stop playing immature games by using the failed Anti-Gang legislation as a propaganda tool.

So said Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

In a statement on Wednesday evening, she said “What they really need to do is provide the funds to the Trinidad and Tobago police service so it can function efficiently. The Anti-Gang legislation can be passed with a simple majority without opposition votes. They can pass it immediately without all the drama and theatrics. They are desperate to distract, as the entire country has been mobilising for months now, protesting the Government’s abject failure to deal with violence against women and other crimes.”

She said “Like predictable clockwork, the same old tired PNM playbook is being used. Once again, the PNM is seeking to blame the Opposition for the crime problem, when they are in Government and in charge.

“Perhaps if the PNM exhibited the same zeal to address the nation’s crime epidemic as it does in giving the wives and family members of the cabinet state contracts, they could find a solution to the many critical issues our nation faces.

Persad-Bissessar added “They are only concerned about enriching themselves, their families and financiers — as we are seeing with the Covid -19 vaccines, the AG being a family member of one of the State’s biggest — if not the single biggest — landlord, and the Minister of National Security recusing himself a record 57 times as his family members secure financial contracts worth BILLIONS of dollars.”

She said “Faris Al Rawi could use some of the almost quarter of a billion dollars in rent collected by his family to fund the TTPS. Clearly, the PNM has money to pay Faris’s family rent but none for the TTPS.

The UNC leader said “The sole purpose of this bill is to engage in the usual PNM pantomime act of “Blame Kamla” rather than deal with the serious issues of violent crime sweeping our nation.

Persad-Bissessar is now calling on the government to “quit the propaganda and immediately provide the critical funds to the TTPS.