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Teen injured in El Socorro shooting

A shooting in El Socorro on Thursday night has left an 18-year-old man nursing gunshot wounds.

Around 10:45pm, the young man was liming with a 31-year-old friend in a yard on Maraj Street, when a black Mitsubishi Lancer pulled up to the gate and two men got out of the backseat.

The men then opened fire on the limers, before returning to the car and driving away.

Both men ran away from their attackers, but the 18-year-old felt a burning sensation on the right side of his chest and realised he was shot.

The second victim was not shot but was cut and bruised when he fell down while running away.

Barataria police were on patrol in the area and took both men to hospital.

The wounded man is in stable condition.

Crime scene investigators visited the area and found nine spent 5.56 mm shells and a spent 9 mm shell.