Kenyan mother accused of stabbing her toddler and eating her organs

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Kenyan mother accused of stabbing her toddler and eating her organs

A Kenyan mother was recently charged after being accused of fatally stabbing her 2-year-old daughter, then dismembering her and eating her liver, while singing nursery rhymes.

The gruesome case involved 24-year-old Olivia Naserian, who recently appeared in court on Wednesday (April 26) after being charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter Glory Njeri in Kitengela, Kenya.

According to local reports, the incident occurred last Sunday on April 23 at the mother and daughter’s residential home in Kitengela, which sits about 20 miles south of the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi.

Reportedly, while looking through a window, neighbors watched as the mother was allegedly fatally stabbing her daughter to death with a knife, then as she cut her open and ate her internal organs. It is reported that the neighbors came rushing to the window when they heard the little girl screaming.

She appeared in court Tuesday, with the chief magistrate ordering her to stay in custody for an additional 10 days as the investigation continues.

The little girl’s butchered corpse was taken to the Kitengela hospital morgue for a post mortem.

Kitengela investigators had requested the additional time as they try to establish the young woman’s psychiatric condition.