Kanye’s daughter North West announces her debut album

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Kanye’s daughter North West announces her debut album

Kanye West’s daughter with Kim Kardashian, North West, is following in her father’s footsteps and has announced her first musical release, Elementary School Drop Out set for release sometime this year.

North West, 10, is fast growing into an artist, having featured on the track “Talking / Once Again” on her father’s latest album, ‘Vultures’, released in February. Her verse “Miss Westie” surprised many, but it seems that North is taking serious inspiration from her father’s 2004 LP ‘College Dropout’ as she’s previewed several outfits and looks her father wore during that era thanks to clothing and other things Kim Kardashian kept for their children after the divorce.

North’s surprise announcement came on Sunday night at a listening party for ‘Vultures’ where Ye, formerly known as Kanye, has been teasing a part 2 of the project.

“I’ve been working on an album,” North says and is interrupted by rousing applause from fans of Ye. “and it’s called Elementary School Drop Out,” she said, leading to fans springing from their seats in a standing ovation.

North’s parents claim she is as artistic as her father and has creative abilities. Her father, a Grammy-winning artist, appears to be her musical influence and will no doubt be the creative director for her current work.

On social media, many Ye fans reacted to the announcement. “That sh*t gonna sell 10x meek did,” one person said.

Others were more critical of the name of the project. “Why are we applauding dropping out of elementary school,” one wrote. Another added, “I mean kinda hard title. I can’t trust no one who listens to it tho.”

“What? Nah stay in school,” another. “Kim just sh*t herself this was a school announcement not just a album title,” another added.