Dog bites, a busted bar and traffic! Trini Twitter roasts Burna Boy promoters

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Dog bites, a busted bar and traffic! Trini Twitter roasts Burna Boy promoters

One of Nigeria’s top international musical artistes who has grown to be a huge sensation, can now add ‘performed for Trinis during the Christmas season’ to his resume.

And while Burna Boy’s name will ring on for a few more years, once he continues to create banging hits like “Last Last” his hashtag on Trini Twitter and TikTok will always be connected to two things – 1. bacchanal and lawsuits and 2. a busted bar, heavy traffic and horrible intermission music by the concert Dj; so that’s 6 plus things you will see pop up on your algorithm.

Cover photo credit: Corliion on Twitter

Now while there was not an Orange Weather Alert level 2 when he performed during Tobago’s Carnival festivities, Burna Boy’s #LoveDamini concert Trinidad edition, no fault of his will go down in T&T history as ‘the worst concert’ for the season.

Trini Twitter has been buzzing for the entire day on Saturday, as patrons who attended the event vented on a number of issues they faced while on their way to the concert and while at the event.

Several persons were in an uproar over the venue change, from the Hasley Crawford Stadium in Port-of-Spain, to the infamous traffic hub, O2 Park in Chaguaramas, the bar at the VVIP area where patrons paid $1,400 for a ticket were not able to get premium drinks – they later complained that alcohol finished before performances began.

Then party goers complained online that while they enjoyed Kes The Band’s awesome performance, there was a 3-4 hour wait before the main acts arrived on stage.

One patron said he was bitten by a dog while at the party – which was a huge shock to many online.

Many others complained that while they were shuttled to O2 Park, there was no shuttle service when the show was over to take them back to the parking area.



However while T&T has had its share of challenges around the Nigerian superstar concert, fans and followers of his music said they enjoyed his performance, and that of Jamaican Dancehall artiste, Popcaan – who closed the show, but had to cut his performance short as he was instructed by members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police that the time was out and the event had to be over.

Nonetheless, Popcaan gave eager fans a stella performance, and continued singing a cappella with the help of the crowd, before he walked off stage.

Burna Boy is expected to perform in Jamaica on December 18th and already the country’s law enforcement issued a release telling citizens that there will be traffic changes and restrictions to get to the venue.