IvyEdgeGlobal is offering ‘Free’ training in virtual classroom skills

IvyEdge Global is offering virtual tutor expertise we have at this time to help those affected by school closings.

We are offering FREE training sessions for ALL teachers and parents who want to become more familiar with a virtual classroom – you can sign up for one of four sessions (this Wed and Thurs) at

https://calendly.com/paigedgillette/virtual-education-training. If there is enough demand, we will open up more time slots.

After these sessions, lessons teachers can work with us more closely to be on-boarded onto our platform (payment collection, sharing and distribution of classroom resources, learning the admin side of virtual, offline options for students with limited wifi, etc). We currently have the ability to on-board ten lessons teachers by the beginning of next week and are working hard to increase that number.

Our services will continue to be free for all public school support.

With questions, please call Ivyedgeglobal at 686-4262. Please forward to as many parents and teachers as you know since we have received a lot of calls that indicate unfamiliarity with this new environment.