Islamic community in T&T stage march in support of Palestine

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Islamic community in T&T stage march in support of Palestine

Approximately 300 members of the Muslim community in Trinidad and Tobago gathered yesterday at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain for a Day of Prayer and A March to show solidarity with Palestinians in the Israeli-besieged Gaza strip.

President of The Islamic Missionaries Guild of the Caribbean and South America, Imtiaz Mohammed – organisers of the march, said: “True peace will never happen until the Palestinians are given back all that was stolen from them, lands, houses, freedom, security, dignity etc.”

He told media that for the past 75 years, Israelis had killed thousands of unarmed and defenceless Palestinians indiscriminately.

He said it was because of such advantage the Israelis had let their guard down, which led to them being attacked by Hamas members in Gaza two Saturdays ago and then to the government of Israel declaring war on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Mohammed said it was unfair that innocent people and children were being killed because Israel wanted them to leave their homes and never return.

He added: “The reality of Muslims standing up right now is because when it comes to al-Aqsa (Mosque) and when it comes to Palestine that is part of our core and our individualism. Every single one of us is connected to Palestine greatly and will definitely always show our love and solidarity for them.”

He said the march did not mean that the Muslim community were not against crime that was taking place locally.

“We will openly stand up against anyone doing injustice to others,” he reiterated.

He also stressed that even though the march may not have a direct impact on the situation in Gaza the purpose of it was to raise awareness and education about the situation there.