IR Expert says Guyana/Venezuela crisis could affect T&T

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IR Expert says Guyana/Venezuela crisis could affect T&T

UWI International Relations Expert Dr Anthony Gonzales says that the situation between Guyana and Venezuela could place this country in a difficult position.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show this morning Dr Anthony said that T&T has interests both with Guyana and Venezuela.

He said T&T has to be cautious with steps made concerning the impasse between the two countries.

He maintained that at the moment T&T would have to follow the evolution of the crisis.

He said the position of T&T now is that it supports Guyana and Caricom’s stance which is to avoid war.

He stated that the ideal position would be to hope for a resolution between the two parties.

He disclosed however that going forward presents the real challenge.

He said that The US interest in the matter is also a concern for T&T.

He noted that T&T has ties with the US in terms of National Security and energy and while relations at this time are good that country’s interest in Guyana could have an effect on T&T.

He said Americans are carded for talks with Guyana on the matter sometime soon.