Head prefect: School to blame for graduation debacle!

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Head prefect: School to blame for graduation debacle!

As the issue of hairstyles and rules governing dress and grooming in schools continue after several students at Trinity College, Moka were denied the opportunity to cross the graduation stage at their 2023 Graduation Ceremony due to their hairstyles, one past student of the school believes the school is to blame for the debacle.

Head prefect of Trinity College for the past two years Jovan Henry-Ali, who also graduated on Tuesday was quite vocal on what he says really happened at the graduation.

He maintained the issue is about right and wrong not racism.

He said some boys had the wrong colour shoe and belt, and insisted that boys of different ethnicities were affected and not just one ethnicity as had been suggested by a parent of one of the boys affected.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning he said while persons have labeled him the enemy for speaking out, he actually believes that the school was at fault.

He says that the school failed to enforce the rules pre and post Covid, and this contributed significantly to what occurred.

He stated that at registration into the school parents and students are informed of the rules of the school, including those that govern dress and grooming and its stance on long hair.

However he noted despite this, students would want to express themselves through hairstyles and he believes the school should formulate a compromise where this is concerned.

He said while the school was in the process of formulating a compromise on the rules he has no idea how what happened on Tuesday would affect it.