Gun falls from suspect during police chase in Morvant

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Gun falls from suspect during police chase in Morvant

Enquiries are underway after police found a loaded AK-47 rifle following a chase in Morvant on Monday afternoon.

Between 4pm and 6pm, officers led by Acting Sgt Belilam and Acting Corporal Duncan were on foot and mobile patrol in the Morvant district with the intention to disrupt and dismantle gang activities, Larceny Motor Vehicles, the sale of illicit drugs and Violent Crimes within the North Eastern Division.

Around 5.30pm at 7th Avenue Malick, Morvant the lawmen observed a group of men walking long the roadway and one of the men was observed with a black and white knap sack on his back and upon seeing them began acting suspiciously.

The officers whilst advancing towards the men observed the man drop the knapsack and the group ran off and made good their escape.

One MDL ZPAP 92, cal 7.62 Ak 47 semi Auto Pistol & thirty nine (39) rounds of 7.62mm ammunition was recovered.