Griffith: Rowley’s attack on St. Lucian Opposition Leader demonstrates lack of diplomacy and foresight

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Griffith: Rowley’s attack on St. Lucian Opposition Leader demonstrates lack of diplomacy and foresight

The National Transformation Alliance (NTA), lead by former top cop Gary Griffith, has voiced its concern in relation to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s labeling of the former Prime Minister and present Opposition leader of St. Lucia, Allen Chastanet, as “Tropical Trump.”

In a statement, Griffith said: “We also seek clarification on whether the label was based on the Opposition Leader’s ethnic composition or if his policies were similar to those of Donald Trump. If there is no evidence of the latter, Rowley’s comment becomes a racial dog whistle, designed to attack and divide, yet again.”

“Not only is Rowley’s comment disrespectful to Chastanet, but it also reflects negatively on Donald Trump himself. The comment was intended to convey a negative image, and regardless of personal opinions about Trump, the fact remains that he could potentially be the next President of the USA by the end of the year. The USA is Trinidad and Tobago’s most crucial economic and national security ally.”

According to Griffith: “Keith Rowley’s consistent anger and bitterness towards anyone not aligned with the PNM, viewing them automatically as enemies, poses a significant danger. His failure to think three steps ahead and to anticipate the consequences of his actions raises important questions: If Chastanet and Trump return to office, and, unfortunately, Rowley remains in power, how would this impact diplomatic and trade relations between our nation and theirs? Would Rowley attempt to downplay the unwarranted attack as a joke during meetings with these leaders? How would Chastanet and Trump receive Rowley, especially if discussions were held in their respective countries?”

“Further, what was Chastanet’s ‘crime’? Joining the UNC’s Anti-crime platform to advocate for a stronger voice for citizens across the region represented by Opposition parties? Or was it the call for more regional efforts to combat crime?”

Griffith said, “This diplomatic debacle highlights just how out of control and classless Rowley can be when he creates an enemy in his head. It also exposes Rowley’s three biggest fears: people uniting, people getting a voice, and anything that may hinder criminals. This is yet another example of why Keith Rowley is unfit to lead.