GG challenges Rhoda Bharath to back up claims that he’s under investigation

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GG challenges Rhoda Bharath to back up claims that he’s under investigation

NTA leader Gary Griffith is going after social media blogger Rhoda Bharath again.

In a post to his Facebook page, he said she continues to lie, showing the desperation of those aligned to the PNM

He said: “After having to make a public apology to me for her lies, and to pay legal costs, it seems as though Rhoda Bharath is hellbent on continuing along the same path that caused her to be discredited for all to see.”

“In a recent post, she asks for evidence of the court order, which is supplied (attached) below. And to be clear, we filed and served the statement of costs for the injunction, and we are awaiting a date for that to be assessed by the Master.”

He said in a continuation of her “disturbed behaviour however, she went on another social media live which is filled with more lies, and I challenge her to provide the evidence to support her assertion that I am under police investigation.”

“Her failure to do so will show just how disturbed this individual is, as well as the desperation of the PNM, and the social media blogger herself, who is highly paid by the Ministry of Finance with taxpayers dollars.”

Griffith said: “Additionally, should an investigation be initiated with regards to the Ministry of Finance Audit, one should also be definitely initiated into the Keith Rowley led cabinet, which broke procurement laws to buy ice cream and cake for foreign dignitaries at the Hyatt.
And now that the truth has been revealed it would be in the public’s interest to find out the following.”

“What procedures were followed when she was contracted by Colm Imbert’s Ministry of Finance, and what qualifications does she have to justify her being hired to do crisis communications for the Ministry of Finance? ”
And whereas many people told me I was too lenient in how I dealt with her in this first case, please note I will not be as accommodating in the other three, as well as this latest one. Because as she persists with her lies, even after she has lost all credibility, she will have to pay and pay; not apologise.”