Gary: Police should get medal for keeping T&T safe

Gary: Police should get medal for keeping T&T safe

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is calling for a special medal to be awarded to the Police Service for their role in keeping the nation safe during the Covid-19 crisis.

He said officers have been working assiduously to ensure the safety of the population.

Griffith was speaking at the consecration of 5th Trinidad and Tobago Police flag which is now to be referred to as the TTPS colours.

Meanwhile, Minister of National Security, Stuart Young has urged members of the police service to jealously guard the independence of their organization, to fight corruption where it may be found and to continue to conduct their duties fearlessly.

Minister Young gave the advice as he delivered the feature address at the ceremony.

He told officers, “The consecration of the Police Service’s Colour here today, is a fitting symbol of the Organization’s independence.”

“I ask that you do not let the symbolism of this historic milestone pass you by, as we the citizens of this country count on the men and women of the Police Service to guard your
independence and to protect us from all forces that may try to bring that into question”

Minister Young further assured the members of the police service that they had the full support of the Government, which will continue to supply the TTPS with the requisite technology, equipment, infrastructure and other resources for the organization to carry out its responsibility to the people effectively and efficiently.

The Minister presided over the parade of four detachments of officers, including officers from the Police Service’s Mounted and Canine Branches, under the command of Superintendent Ken Charles.

The order to consecrate a Colour, is to declare and make an organization’s flag sacred.

In this regard, the ceremony made the Colour or Flag of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) a sacred item of the Service and from that time forward it should be treated with reverence.