Funeral Home Puts Wrong Body in Casket

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Funeral Home Puts Wrong Body in Casket

As the family who went to say their final goodbyes at the memorial service of a mainstream market merchant, and a COVID casualty  Balnarine ‘Balo’ Bennie, one found a stranger in the casket instead.

In this major catastrophe, the funeral had to be postponed until next week Friday since the body of Bennie was not there and a wrong body was sent instead.

Bennie’s funeral was planned for 10.45 am at Simo HSJ Simpson and Sons Funeral Home and then to continue for Cremation at Long Circular Road Crematorium at 2 pm. It was notified by a griever who came to offer his final appreciation to Bennie saw it was not him and another person inside the coffin.

Bennie’s son, Simeon said he didn’t know precisely what occurred on Friday morning as he was not permitted to go to his dad’s memorial service since he is in isolation. He added that his mom was additionally unfit to go to since she is being treated at the Couva Hospital for the infection however was required to be put in a stage-down office by next Thursday.

“There wasn’t a mix-up really but a big hiccup in my father’s funeral and we have to hear what the funeral home director has to say and he is expected to get in contact with us by 7 pm (Friday),” Simeon said.

Bennie, 63, was one of 5 persons who died May 3rd after battling COVID-19 at the Couva Hospital.