Gary claps back at Law Association again; says they’re more interested in rights of criminals

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Gary claps back at Law Association again; says they’re more interested in rights of criminals

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, says it would seem that the Law Association is more interested in the rights of criminals than the rights of law-abiding citizens of this country.

He notes that every press release issued by the Law Association, shows in some way that “they are becoming born-again law enforcement experts, which they are not, but they continue to use these press releases to try to find ways to help their clients.”

The CoP asked, “Is that the role and function of the Law Association? They are only doing releases to benefit the clients of their attorneys. This is obviously not the view of the vast number of attorneys. But every single release they issue, is about trying to find an avenue to defend their clients. It would seem they have a problem with the police. Our job is in contrast to their job. Our job is to arrest the criminals, charge them and keep them behind bars. It would seem the Law Association is getting public pressure now, so they are fighting back heavily because their own clients are telling them they don’t like what they are seeing.”

Commissioner Griffith continued, “Their job now is to push back and peg back the Police Service and to ensure that their client would continue to get bail for the most heinous of crimes. Every single release is about trying to tell the Police what to do. Not once, he adds, have they taken an introspective look at the Law Association to admit the errors made by their members. “They never look in the mirror to try to develop themselves. All their releases are earmarked to try to discredit the Police. They should change their name to the Lawyers Association because it is not looking after the well-being of citizens of this country and to improve the criminal justice system. The Law Association should also practise what they preach. What they want is to have the rights of criminals become more important than the rights of citizens. It has reached the stage where lawyers are now calling for bail to be granted to persons charged for murder. Are they looking after the welfare of the law-abiding citizens?”