Frenchman Accused of Molesting Over 300 Children in Indonesia

Frenchman Accused of Molesting Over 300 Children in Indonesia

Police in the Indonesian capital have arrested a French national for allegedly molesting more than 300 minors.

The 65-year-retiree, identified as Francois Camille Abello, was paraded in handcuffs at a news conference on Thursday where Jakarta Police Chief Nana Sudjana said the videos on the computer showed him engaging in illegal sex acts with 305 children aged 10 to 17. Abello remained silent at the news conference.

It is stated that Abello invited children to a Jakarta hotel and paid them between 250,000 and 1 million rupiah (between 17 and 69 dollars) to have sex with him while being videotaped, Jakarta police chief Nana Sujana said in a statement made public on Friday.

He physically abused the minors if they refused to have sex with him, Sunjana said. Many girls were street children who were lured with the promise of modelling work. The suspect, who was arrested on June 25th, could face a death sentence if found guilty of raping multiple minors under the country’s child protection laws.

“When investigators raided his hotel room, he was found half-naked with two children,” Sunjana said.

Social Affairs Minister Juliari Batubara called for the suspect to be prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law,”We need to take more serious action to prevent such things from happening again,” he said in a statement.

There are reports that foreign pedophiles are increasingly targeting children in Indonesia, but there have been few arrests of foreigners and little research on the topic.

In mid-June, police said they arrested an American fugitive, Russ Albert Medlin, for alleged sexual assault of children. He was apprehended at his residence in southern Jakarta after police questioned three minors.

Medlin had been charged with sexual violence against a minor twice by a district court in Nevada between 2006 and 2008 and served two years in prison prior to his arrest in Jakarta, Yunus said.