Fishermen want to work during curfew hours

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Fishermen want to work during curfew hours

With most fishing being done at night, fisherfolk are now hoping that they will be given some allowance to work during current curfew hours.

The request was made by Salim Gool, chairman of the San Fernando Fishing Cooperative.

Gool said there had been conflicting information on whether fishermen were allowed in the waters after curfew hours, so he is now seeking confirmation from the authorities.

In an interview with GML, Gool said over 80 per cent of those in the fishing industry, worked at night, especially those in the San Fernando areas plying the Gulf of Paria.

He said if they aren’t allowed to return to the seas at night, there could be a shortage of fish on the market.

In fact, Gool said he has already seen a scarcity of certain species of fish on the market and the longer the SOE proceeds, consumers will see even less fish.

According to the report however, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has stated that the fishermen could apply for a curfew pass to ply their trade.